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客製背包, 客製包款, 後背包, 禮贈品包袋, 訂製包包





通過前瞻性的材料,技術和大膽的創造性思維來擴展包袋工藝製作。 我們不僅僅能製作完美的產品,更能包括提供適合您的產品技術與品質,也能提供專業設計,與諮詢討論 。


我們精實的工廠,是我們理念的強大詮釋者, 將他們的超過數十年的產品經驗與成就,結合充滿熱情的團隊,成為我們的後盾,並落實每位客人想法。

而我們studio願景為,致力於超越傳統框架,為日常生活提供時尚,創新和直觀的方式,為包袋產品提供解決方案 。



歡迎來到 chingshi studio.

客製背包, 客製包款, 後背包, 禮贈品包袋, 訂製包包

​Our factory



Founded in 2000, Venture started with design and manufacture of fashion  bag and cosmetic bag for its American customers. Over the years we have not only shown our capability and profession, expanding product range to computer carrying cases, leather brief cases, sports bags, backpacks, phone cases, wallets, stationery set, and etc.


With 17 years of industry experience and dedication, our team continuously growing and became the solution provider for our customers as we are today.


We have established a worldwide market with customers from U.S.A., Europe and Asia. We participate in exhibition in Hong Kong, Europe, and Japan periodically and stay with up to date information from customers all over the world. Other than developing items by our own Product Development team for our customers, we are always welcome all kinds of OEM and ODM projects and are happy to work closely with customers to get the best price.  We offer our customers a full service facility with rapid lead time, reliable quality and  on time delivery in this competitive market. Providing the best service is one of our missions.


welcome to Venture Products limited.


We use computerize pattern machine in which to make samples more quickly and efficiently. Therefore, we can provide more competitive prices, better quality, and great support to our valuable customers in the market.

• LOCATION                  GuangDong,China

• Founded                                   2000 Year

• Factory Total Workforce               60-80

• IQC/QC/QA Staff                                   10

• Sewing Machine                                    60

• Computer Sewing machine                   10

• Factory Size (sq. meters)                 3,000

• Capacity per Month (pcs)                    50K

• Annual turnover                 USD1,000,000

客製背包, 客製包款, 後背包, 禮贈品包袋, 訂製包包
客製背包, 客製包款, 後背包, 禮贈品包袋, 訂製包包
客製背包, 客製包款, 後背包, 禮贈品包袋, 訂製包包
客製背包, 客製包款, 後背包, 禮贈品包袋, 訂製包包
客製背包, 客製包款, 後背包, 禮贈品包袋, 訂製包包
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